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Anyone know what happened to Mars, Lily, Irant ladies, and Kins?…they all just poofed. 

I haven’t had the same energy to help and keep this blog lately. I sometimes check to see if there is anything interesting but.. yeah

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Anonymous asked: I was going through your writing blog and I am confused, what is Jamcissa?

This is random! But hi! This is going to get rambly so I am sorry for this

So me and my lovely RP partner char were in this small marauder rp togetherm and I played Narcissa Black and she played James Potter. And though I also played Lily and she and James were going to get together (me and char are avid Jily shippers) Cissa and James had so much chemistry together we went a bit nuts.

So we began head-canoing them and later we began roleplaying them and today we even began a new verse for them because we got addicted.

My Narcissa is very much a composed little lady who is always afraid of not living up to her Black name, but she loves messing with people, and James happened to be someone very fun to play with. She is very perceptive and quickly found which buttons to push, but he did the same to her, and quickly they fell into a pattern of teasing and than getting to know each other, they challenge the other’s minds and facts of life, and slowly they began finding excuses to be in each other’s presence. He would crash one of her classes, she would hang out by the Quidditch stands pretending to be reading a book when in reality she was checking him out and trying to make sense of what she is feeling for the Gryffindor.

They don’t like the fact they are in love with each other, in fact they hate it. But they are so in love with each other that they don’t know what to do. So they continue on with their sordid little affair behind everyone’s backs. 

And it gets worse because she is engaged to Lucius Malfoy-and she plans to get married because she has to do what’s right for her family, she puts her family first in everything, even her own happiness. She wishes to be with James more than everything, he makes her feel alive and cherished and he is the only person she can truly be herself with. So she will fall for him and they will have a beautiful romance that will in the end lead to heart break because she will need to end it-she will get married and give an heir to the Malfoy family and support her husband. 

It’s painful and their otp name is literally never meant to be but they are so meant to be and so much fun to play with, and basically they are awesome.



Albus Potter is seventeen years old, in his seventh year and is in the house of  Gryffindor.

                                               ❝ A room without books is like a body without a soul.

↳ Magic

Albus is extremely talented, and the fact he is fascinated with all things that are magical only makes him stronger. He pours over books because he is curious about how everything works. He is quite ahead of his peers in some subjects.


There is always that one boy every girl moons over because he is so sweet and understanding and the boy she wants to like but never does.. That would be Albus Potter. Whilst his brother was a ladies killer in his Hogwarts years, the only thing Albus can kill is the mood with his vast knowledge of useless facts about the most different types of species that can be found in the amazonian rain forest.

When he was young he was often baby set by Aunt Luna who strongly affected him. He fully believes in thestrails and anything else his aunt says, her word is law and if anyone contradicts him saying it’s not real.. let’s just say he inherited his mother’s famous hexes and he is not afraid to use them when necessary. He prefers to isolate himself in his world of magical beings than to deal with the problems that are happening all around him.

Unlike his brother who was told the truth, and his sister who squeezed the truth out Albus still remains blissfully unaware of what his father did when he was young. He just thinks his dad is simply that awesome for being an auror and never saw anything strange about the way older people seem to adore and sometimes fear him. He also doesn’t know about his father’s spirit abilities, he believes Harry Potter is simply a fire elemtenal.


» {+ positives} romantic, studious, sincere

» {negatives} dense, awkward, gullible


» blood status: half blood

» elemental power: fire

» affinity level: Strong affinity + very studious

» date of birth: 29th of February

» wand: 12 1/2 inches, apple wood, dragon heart string , solid

» faceclaim: Logan Lerman


me and rachel want our Albus taken because we have been playing James and Lily for months and we need an Albus to be in the middle and make sure they don’t kill each other. Plus he is cute and we will love you so much you will be disgusted.

Anonymous asked: Can you think of anyone else who has this (Jessica De Gouw, Michelle Ryan, Katie McGrath, Bridget Regan, Liv Tyler, Jaime Murray, Lena Headey, and Olivia Williams) kind of look?

  • Astrid Berges Frisbey
  • Logan Browning
  • Felicity Jones
  • Gemma Arteton
  • Emily Browning
  • Jamie Chung
  • Kristen Kreuk

I think they have the feel you are looking for! Especially Astrid!

Anonymous asked: Who would be an original FC idea of the Prewett brothers? I love Eddie Redmayne, but he seems so overused.

One, never not use a faceclaim because he is overused. Karen Gillan is overused but that’s because she is amazing for Lily Evans!

  • Cameron Monagghan
  • Caleb Landry Jones
  • Hunter Parrish
  • Ed Sheeran

I like these four, though Hunter is not a redhead I always liked him for the twins. Another good choices would be: Jeremy Irvine, Callan McAuliffe (if you want someone younger) and Max Irons

stop no I need that now omg ugh

HAVE I TOLD YOU ABOUT THIS EMMA? there are fights between different magical groups.




I really want to create a medieval harry potter roleplay. Like.. I have a need for it.

But time.


  • Megan Hilty (33)
  • Bailey Buntain (age unknown, 16-22)
Anonymous asked: I'm thinking of starting my own HP rp and had an idea for graphics that I don't think I've seen much sshockingly and was wondering if you knew if there were any chocolate frog graphics templates? Like the cards? Or if I'd be better off trying to create them myself from scratch.

I haven’t seen anything like that! I think it would be really interesting if you tried from scratch. If you are not sure if you can do it I can give it a try for you. I don’t such as much with photoshop anymore!