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I still one day want to do a Teddy Lupin/Lily Luna relationship where he is a teacher and she a student and they were raised pretty close but they tease each other a lot and argue and there is some sexual tension there and just argh,

Marina Ruy Barbosa Gif Hunt


Marina Ruy Barbosa is an 18 year old Brazilian actress. Her age range is 14-19. She has red hair, her eyes are brown and sometimes green. There are 355 small gifs here, most of them are HD.  DOWNLOAD HERE. Like this or reblog if you found this helpful. Also most of these gifs were made by me, so don’t repost any of these gifs! 


Anonymous asked: Rose Weasley Dreamcast?

  • Jane Levy
  • Emma Stone 
  • Eleanor Tomlinson
  • Barbara Palvin
  • Molly Quinn
  • Heloise Guerin (Suggested by HermioneRPC and I have to say she is perfect)
Anonymous asked: Would Francisco Lachowski work as James Sirius Potter? I'm not 100% sure of his ethnicity. Thank you and have a good day!

His lastname is Polish, so I assume he is caucasian. He was born in Brazil but really that doesn’t mean anything we have quite a mix of ethnicities down here. 

I think he would work for James though!

Anonymous asked: Would you say that being an Auror or a Hit Wizard is more dangerous? Aurors hunt Dark Wizards, but Hit Wizards all have a bed reserved at St. Mungo's, so I'm a bit unsure. What do you think is the difference between the two professions?

I think Hit Wizards might have a more dangerous profession but I think they work less. I am not sure if this is true, especially since we know so little about them but I believe they are a special branch of the Aurors. They hunt down he most dangerous ones (Sirius Black for example was considered to be). 

I am reading over the Wikia for more information but it doesn’t seem to provide a lot, the behind the scenes part is quite interesting speculating what’s their job. 

One possible difference may be similar to the difference between the Muggle Police and the Muggle Military. Alternatively, the difference could be similar to the roles of elite paramilitary units (e.g. SWAT) compared with national criminal investigative bodies (e.g. FBI) as well as elite military units (e.g. Navy SEALs, Delta Force, SAS).

I believe them to be the elite of the aurors, they are better trained for more dangerous missions. They might be the ones who can go outside of the boundaries for their missions because they have special permits. The fact they have a bed might elude of the fact their job is more dangerous and they have special care in St Mungo’s. 

If you are using trying to discover this for your roleplay I recommend creating a page on Aurors and Hit Wizards and you create how it will work and how the two groups interact and what exactly their jobs are. An idea would be the rivalry between the two groups, perhaps hit wizards think of themselves as better. For the job part Aurors may have to have their missions cleared by the Ministry whilst Hit Wizards jobs’s have more of a “The End Justifies The Means” motto. 

I give up. There is no way anymore to download videos from globo. No new marina gifs!

AU doesn’t give you an excuse to make the characters completely OOC. 

Guys I passed 100 followers!! (115 I hadn’t noticed) Thank you! I just released a char psd to celebrate it. I want to also give away my Marina Gifs but I haven’t been able to do more and I have some great videos to gif so that might take a while. Well until my computer allows me to gif again! 

Thank you again!